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Based on the newly introduced Foreign Yacht Charter VAT legislation in The Bahamas, a 10% VAT fee on every charter conducted in The Bahamas is inevitable. BAHAMAS CENTRAL LTD is here to help you with making your VAT experience easy flowing, because if anyone understands Bahamas VAT, it is Bahamians. Our rates are unbiased and fair; we do not base our rates on the size of the vessel or its revenue, we charge based on the time it takes to do our job to have you in they system and up to date with the Bahamas government requirements. BAHAMAS CENTRAL LTD is here to start you from the very beginning of the process and can further assist you as you require with your quarterly filings. 


BAHAMAS CENTRAL LTD has carefully curated a team of yacht masters, from engineers to captains, to electricians to day-workers, whom are all here to oversee and perform whatever it takes to safely and professionally manage your yachts. 


Whatever the size of your vessel, she is guaranteed to be safe and well-maintained when in the hands of BAHAMAS CENTRAL LTD. We know the importance of a stellar relationship between you and your vessel manager, and BAHAMAS CENTRAL LTD promises a 24-hour communication channel, and service reimagined. 


Keeping on the ball with the local customs & immigration laws within The Bahamas, BAHAMAS CENTRAL LTD helps your inbound and outbounds be hassle-free, and smooth sailing. We are also here for your berthing requirements, throughout the islands, with direct connections to the local marinas and moorings, offering arrangements of bunkering, and providing your vessel with the proper material data safety sheet (MDSS) for your next port of all. Cash-to-Captain may become an issue when in The Bahamas, however, not with BAHAMAS CENTRAL LTD we can provide funds in both Bahamian or US dollars. Having to import or export items can be quite a tedious or excruciating ordeal if you attempt to go at it on your own, however, now with our in-house licensed Customs Broker, we can get the job done without any stress on you. 


With The Bahamas flag ranking #4 on the most recent Paris MoA White List, registering your yacht under The Bahamas flag has many benefits the BAHAMAS CENTRAL LTD team are here to enlighten all as we encourage you to choose The Bahamas as your flag of choice. The Bahamas is a flag state that ticks off all the pro boxes that are accepted by worldwide governments. BAHAMAS CENTRAL LTD is ready to guide you through your reflagging procedure from start to finish in a timely manner. Introducing our inhouse surveyor and direct contact with the BMA, everything is under one roof, giving you the comfort of putting it all in our hands to complete it all. 

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